Monday, 2 September 2013

Birthday Party Brag

So the birthday party was awesome.  Brilliant fun.  Great even.

We'd invited guests for 5p.m. and the first showed up at 4:45.  We were far from ready but it worked out ok.  My mum and brother had dropped by and helped me get all the last minute stuff together.  The birthday girl, my oldest, greeted her friend and took her off to play. 

The children played games from different countries, ate food from around the world (nothing fancy just birthday party staples - pasta bake, phyllo triangles, fairy bread, chips (crisps for the English), fruit, and of course cake.  C, my other half so to speak, acted as tour guide and captain of the "aeroplane".  (C doesn't stand for his name but rather a title he once chose as a lark but has since followed him around).

At one point, we almost had a mutiny on our hands.  The games we'd picked were off the internet and it turns out seven year olds are better at making up their own games.  "This is boring," moaned one boy (the same boy declared at the end that it was the best party he'd ever been to).  Luckily our tour guide is a quick thinker - "No worries, you don't have to play," and he directed them over to Italy for their supper.  After which they had participated in a treasure hunt. 

I think the treasure hunt was the piece de resistance.  C put that together as well.  His riddles were clever and it was fun to watch the children run around the garden and house, en masse in search of the next clue.  I'm not sure if they had more fun or if we did, putting it together.

I made 2 chocolate cakes and 2 vanilla cakes.  I have a recipe for each that are fool proof, taste great and work well for sculpting.  This cake was easier than ones we've done in the past though (last time, for her 5th birthday she wanted an aeroplane cake).  This time, we stuck the cakes together to make a big slab, covered it with buttercream and the "drew" a map of the world using a stencil we printed from the internet.  I say "we" but in all honesty, it was all C.  She described what she wanted and he delivered.  And the cakes tasted great (I can take credit for that).

Not bad for an amateur eh?

I love the Aussie tradition of giving three cheers for the birthday person after singing Happy Birthday.  It's one we've tried to continue since coming back to Toronto.  Unfortunately it often falls flat around these parts.  Not that stops us from trying...

We had a couple of trampoline casualties - one fat lip and one of the girls got checked in a basketball game and her glasses fell off.  Luckily she wasn't hurt too badly, her glasses were intact and her mum (who was already there to pick her up) was very cool about it.  She sat and had her cake while icing her eye while my sister-in-law applied mendhi (henna) for her (the last stop on the tour was Pakistan/India).

Afterward we invited the children's families to stay for an outdoor movie night.  We set up a screen behind the garage and blankets on the grass to sit on.  The moon was out, the weather cooperated and the mozzies weren't too bad which all made for a lovely end to a fun afternoon.

Thank goodness I don't have to do it again for a couple of years. 

(Well I do - my little guy turns 3 in October - but it was a good way to end this post.)


  1. Wow - it sounds amazing! Can we come for the next one?! And I LOVE the cake. You have a very talented hubby.
    Any chance of posting the recipes for the foolproof cakes that are easy to cut? They sound v. useful.
    Carrot. x

    1. Definitely. Will post them soon. Thanks for asking! :)

    2. And yes you can for sure come to the next one... or anytime for that matter - who needs a birthday party as an excuse to visit? :)

  2. AMAZING cake! And very timely post. Although S&A's birthday isn't till December they suddenly brought it up at breakfast this morning. Now the problem with birthdays and twins is that (no surprises here) there are two of them which means twice as many people, especially now they're in two separate classes. And the problem with twins with December birthdays (assuming you don't live in Sydney of course) is that you can't just shove them all out in the garden...

    But an indoor world trip party...? Now there's an idea...

    1. Thank you! It was really fun to put together and there are so many ideas on the internet. Our decor was really minimal since it was outside but there's so much you can do. We made up some boarding pass invitations and printed off passports for the children to fill out. Totally fun!

      I know what you mean about winter birthdays. I have one with a spring birthday and another at the end of October. Neither are very reliable weather-wise. Around here winter babies get skating parties :)

    2. I agree - it's a brilliant idea for a party. Harriet, if you need any help with decorations for a Pakistani party section let me know, although I'm not sure what they'd do there - maybe turn all the lights off in honour of the constant electricity shortages and stage a demonstration with sofa cushions in place of shipping containers. Could be a winner...