Friday, 26 July 2013

5 years ago

My passport and drivers' licence were both up for renewal this year.  Both were last issued 5 years ago and it got me thinking about all the things that have happened in the past 5 years.  So here goes.  10 things about the past 5 years.

5 years ago...

  1. I turned 36.
  2. I gave birth to a little girl at home.  She was red faced and grumpy looking. Now she's a gorgeous 5 year old who's starting Kindergarten in September.
  3. I went on mat leave and followed my partner for 3 years in Australia.  It'll be 2 years this summer, since we've been back home.
  4. I had 2 children under 2.  Now I have 3 and technically the littlest one is no longer a toddler.  When do they stop being a toddler?
  5. I was really busy at work and worked right up until my due date.  I facilitated a workshop the day before I left.  I loved it.
  6. I got a really bad haircut because the regular girl was away and I couldn't wait because I was flying to another country.  After that, I let my hair grow until I came home so she could fix it.  Hair grows quite a lot in a year.  She wondered where I'd gone.
  7. I couldn't imagine what my children would be like as they got older.  My youngest is now older than my oldest was at that time.  Those days were structured around naps, diaper changes, playgroup.  These days the only naps needed/wanted are mine. (not totally true but it reads better)
  8. Life was full of possibilities.  Somehow I feel like I've lost sight of those possibilities.  Repatriation has been difficult.  Getting back to work full time has been difficult.
  9. I moved close to a beach.  I'd forgotten how lovely it is to see the ocean every day.  It is by far my favourite place to be.
  10. I thought about starting a blog.

5 years.  The stamps on my old passport were mainly for Australia, the US and Canada.  And the US ones only because we flew through there on our way to and from Aus.  The one before that was filled with exotic visas - Thailand, Cambodia, Europe, Africa.

5 years.  4 house moves, 2 country moves, 2 cars bought, several prams bought (that's a post for another day), 1 more pregnancy, 10 pounds lost and then gained back after each move, 2 children through preschool, a million photos taken waiting to be sorted.

5 years. Lots of births. 3 deaths.  Funny how before a birth or a death you can't possibly imagine what life will be like.  But then it happens and we keep rolling along. 

5 years.  Loads of friends made.  Some of whom have managed to stay in touch.  Others whom I am certain if I saw today would pick up where we left off.

5 years from now I wonder what my list will be.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stage Fright

I've been toying with writing a blog for awhile now.  Every time I experienced something or read something, a post would start in my head.  Ideas would flow - on the subway, before drifting off to sleep at night, grocery shopping (without children).

But now that I've taken the plunge and started the blog, my brain's gone silent.  There are no words.  Is there such a thing as "blogger stage fright?"  I think I've got it.

There we go - first post done.  Surely it'll get easier now?