Thursday, 12 September 2013

A perfectly good egg

Upon hearing a rendition of Humpty Dumpty from a CD that her little brother had insisted on playing in the car, my older daughter piped up from the back seat, "Too bad Humpty Dumpty didn't crack straight into a frying pan."

Meanwhile her Knock Knock jokes have a way to go.


  1. Try "Why did the boy go on the ceiling? Because he had fish in his pockets!!!" on a constant loop with much hilarity ensuing from the 3yo. Clearly he's found his comedic niche in surrealism. All things considered, I think your daughter did a good job!

    1. Ya she got a laugh from the rest of us. Funny how when they're little they find the most obscure things funny and will laugh as heartily to something the hundredth time as they did the first time. I think this was the first time that she didn't repeat the joke (over and over again) when she got a laugh.